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13215 Grant Road, Suite 500

Cypress, Texas 77429








11AM - 9PM


11AM - 10PM


Is pretty amazing.

Locatelli's first opened its doors in Cypress, Texas October 1, 2003. The founders, Adam and Katie Womack had been infused with the idea of operating a pizza business by Adam’s older brother Paul.They had to pause and give long thought to being a husband and wife team working together 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

With visions of being featured on an episode of Divorce Court, coupled with friends and family placing bets as to which would last longer, the business or the marriage, they decided to “press” on and begun to dig through the Womack Family recipe vault where they found a pizza dough recipe on a tattered index card from 1956 written by Adam’s Grandmother Rho Rho along with several tried and true specialties from Adam’s mother’s kitchen.

Adam and Katie were inspired by this find and spent close to one year in their own kitchen relentlessly experimenting with recipes until they had the taste they were seeking and Locatelli’s Menu was born.

They tested the menu by catering neighborhood parties and other functions which confirmed that their recipes and efforts were on the mark. Then Adam’s father, being so impressed with the Pizza, offered to finance the opening of a start-up restaurant. Locatelli's was on its way.

What ensued for the next 18 months was that Locatelli’s was going largely unnoticed. However in 2005 Mother Nature in the form of Hurricane Rita came to town changing things forever. Recall that Hurricane Katrina had just hit New Orleans and people were naturally alarmed and fearful by what Hurricane Rita might bring.

As area businesses were closing and people were evacuating in anticipation of the storm, Adam & Katie kept doing what they had been for the last 18 months.

When the storm threat had passed (missing Houston all together) what remained were hordes of hungry people and no open restaurants or stores…except Locatelli's.

With a skeleton crew and limited menu, Locatelli’s opened that “day after” to a line of people stretching from the front door to beyond the end of the building. All the food that had been prepared for the day’s business sold out in three hours…a trend that continued for three more days. Business changed forever in those three days and more importantly, the word was out.

We want to thank each and every one of our loyal customers. Serving you has been our pleasure…a pleasure we look forward to continuing for many years.

Your Hosts

Adam & Katie Womack

It's true.
Outside seating is key.
We Wine.
Custom Craft Cocktails
Owners Adam & Katie Womack
What would you like to drink?
Rhoda Mae Baker - 1972
Trust Rho Rho!
Patios Are Priority
Co-Owner, Katie Womack

more than 300 5-star Google ratings

"This is my go-to place for pizza and fantastic salads. Excellent beer selection on tap. Great service. Highly recommended."

— Louie B., Google

Yelpers love us, too.

"I'm a picky pizza person and I have to say this was awesome.  All the ingredients tasted fresh and there was no skimping on toppings."

— Laura L., Yelp



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